Home sweet home

I don’t often use my sewing machine, I much prefer to hand sew but tonight I made this little garland using some beautiful fabric gifted to me and my stamp set. I love the effect and actually really like the hearts not being stuffs… not sure why but I  do ūüôā


What a total mug 

So, I saw a video whilst scrolling on my Instagram and it was creating a watercolour effect on a mug, it was ace and I immediately loved the idea. Really really simple and so beautiful!!! Definitely going to be doing this again whilst lots of different colours!!!
Obviously I went out a brought all the bits I needed!!  I should add these are dishwasher safe and microwave safe! I used this YouTube video to help me out !

What I used!

White mug Р£0.89p РThe Range

Vitrea Glass paint (rose) РThe Range Р£3.45

Rubbing alcohol  500ml Р£8.99 РAmazon

Cotton pads Р£1.00 РAsda

masking tape Р£2.00 Рthe range


The perfect Pom Pom 

As part of my baby garland project I decided I needed to learn how to make a Pom Pom. They are really quite beautiful once you get the technique down! 

As I am sure many other crafters experience I am a perfectionist!  I struggle greatly at admiring the things I make.  I have however quite recently discovered lots of undercover crafters, this is great for your own confidence but ever better for sharing tips and ideas!! 

So, creating my perfect Pom Pom has taken a fair few attempts and nights of achy hands to get there!! 

I used two plastic rings and cut a large slit in both to create the C shape, my first attempts and lack of patience resulted in “floppy” Pom Poms! After showing these to a friend she suggested I bulked these out and trimmed them down….by golly did that work??? When you think you are done with wrapping your wool around, you probably aren’t, KEEP GOING! 

I can’t tell you what type of wool I used, as this handed down to me when my grandma passed away, it didn’t have a label but It’s extremely special to me and I love using her materials as much as I can!

One tip I would suggest is using the bulldog clip to keep your ring together whilst you cut, it holds the strands of wool in place and saves your hands!! ( see second image)

What I used 

Wool – free! Although you can pick up wool for ¬£3 in HobbyCraft! 

Pom Pom rings – The Range – ¬£2.99 ( you get three different sized whole rings, which I cut) 

Bulldog clip – pound land! Guess how much! 

Hearty Farty


Pun intended!! I made this a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned that Hobby Craft had an offer on for air drying clay and since I have wanted to try a pottery class I thought why not! So I trotted off down to Hobby Craft and grabbed  1kg of the stuff. 

This was my first attempt, I was happy with the size just not the thickness, it took around a day to dry. Once it had completely dried through I noticed it started to bow.

I think it needs to be thicker and perhaps have a slightly heavy object to keep it flat (not too heavy to squash it!!

I also stamped this with a clean stamp (when wet) and re-stamped it with ink when dry, giving the effect shown.  

NOTE: I used tape to create my lines and painted this with acrylic paint, I did notice the paint started to peel off!! I was advise acrylic would be ok, but I would suggest pre-colour your clay before shaping! Keeping the letters and lines covered (once dried with turquoise paint) I chucked a load of gold paint, extremely Jackson Pollock.

I kept a hook hole to hang this up with some hessian string. Overall I would recommend using this clay for fun little projects like this!!

What I used

White Air Drying Clay 1 kg РHobby Craft Р£3.75

DecoArt Americana Desert Turquoise Acrylic Paint 59 m РHobby Craft Р£2.00

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Rich Espresso Elegant Finish Paint 59 ml Р£2.50

The stamps I used where a present but you can buy these at The Range or Hobby Craft

A little bit of Scotland

You won’t know that I visited Scotland ¬†for the first time last year, but I did, and my god it was Incredible. Despite visiting some unbelievably beautiful places in Thailand, I fell in love with Scotland. ¬†My boyfriend took the photo of the cow (at the top of my page), such a wonderful memory.¬†

I thought I would make alittle Scotland inspired garland – watch this space for the finished piece.

Introduction – This is I!


My name is Sophie and in a nutshell I am a dedicated crafter.

I have decided to start this blog so I have an outlet to post all my craft projects, ideas and images. I am pretty sure I bore everyone to death on my social media, so I thought “why not WP” so lets give it ago.¬†

What am I currently doing?

Well, funny you should ask! I am looking at baby/nursery decor and mobiles, I made these little elephants and pom poms. Still not quite there yet but I am just toying around with the design and colours. All handmade, I don’t tend to use my sewing machine that often. TOO FIDDLY .

Note: I ¬†need to up my photograph game…. I WILL invest in a camera.

What I used 

Felt – From the range –¬†Craft Planet Felt Sheets Pack – ¬£4.99

Thread – Hobbycraft – Hemline Sewing Thread 12 Pack –¬†¬£2.50

Wool РHobbycraft  Р£3.00

Stencil РElephant Foam Shapes 10 Pack £1.00

Stuffing РPolyester Soft Toy Stuffing 250 £3.50

I didn’t need to buy any of this for this project as I already had it all, I have a terrible habbit of picking up packs of felt and thread whenever I am in a craft shop.