Hearty Farty


Pun intended!! I made this a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned that Hobby Craft had an offer on for air drying clay and since I have wanted to try a pottery class I thought why not! So I trotted off down to Hobby Craft and grabbed  1kg of the stuff. 

This was my first attempt, I was happy with the size just not the thickness, it took around a day to dry. Once it had completely dried through I noticed it started to bow.

I think it needs to be thicker and perhaps have a slightly heavy object to keep it flat (not too heavy to squash it!!

I also stamped this with a clean stamp (when wet) and re-stamped it with ink when dry, giving the effect shown.  

NOTE: I used tape to create my lines and painted this with acrylic paint, I did notice the paint started to peel off!! I was advise acrylic would be ok, but I would suggest pre-colour your clay before shaping! Keeping the letters and lines covered (once dried with turquoise paint) I chucked a load of gold paint, extremely Jackson Pollock.

I kept a hook hole to hang this up with some hessian string. Overall I would recommend using this clay for fun little projects like this!!

What I used

White Air Drying Clay 1 kg – Hobby Craft – £3.75

DecoArt Americana Desert Turquoise Acrylic Paint 59 m – Hobby Craft – £2.00

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Rich Espresso Elegant Finish Paint 59 ml – £2.50

The stamps I used where a present but you can buy these at The Range or Hobby Craft


A little bit of Scotland

You won’t know that I visited Scotland  for the first time last year, but I did, and my god it was Incredible. Despite visiting some unbelievably beautiful places in Thailand, I fell in love with Scotland.  My boyfriend took the photo of the cow (at the top of my page), such a wonderful memory. 

I thought I would make alittle Scotland inspired garland – watch this space for the finished piece.

Introduction – This is I!


My name is Sophie and in a nutshell I am a dedicated crafter.

I have decided to start this blog so I have an outlet to post all my craft projects, ideas and images. I am pretty sure I bore everyone to death on my social media, so I thought “why not WP” so lets give it ago. 

What am I currently doing?

Well, funny you should ask! I am looking at baby/nursery decor and mobiles, I made these little elephants and pom poms. Still not quite there yet but I am just toying around with the design and colours. All handmade, I don’t tend to use my sewing machine that often. TOO FIDDLY .

Note: I  need to up my photograph game…. I WILL invest in a camera.

What I used 

Felt – From the range – Craft Planet Felt Sheets Pack – £4.99

Thread – Hobbycraft – Hemline Sewing Thread 12 Pack – £2.50

Wool – Hobbycraft  – £3.00

Stencil – Elephant Foam Shapes 10 Pack £1.00

Stuffing – Polyester Soft Toy Stuffing 250 £3.50

I didn’t need to buy any of this for this project as I already had it all, I have a terrible habbit of picking up packs of felt and thread whenever I am in a craft shop.